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Amy Mims

Explore the universal wisdom of this ancient Chinese art as it relates to contemporary home and work spaces. In this workshop, you will learn underlying theory as well as practical applications for creating an environment that not only feels wonderful but also supports health, happiness and prosperity. Changing your physical space according to Feng Shui principles can change your life and bring in new opportunities.

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"Excellent course - made difficult concepts easy to understand."


Amy Mims

Join us for your own personal Feng Shui journey. Amy will guide you through a sequential process of seeing your space as a reflection of your life. Come prepared to do a detailed analysis of your home. You will explore energy flow, balance, and harmonious placement as well as learn to identify obstacles and gain clarity about what you wish to manifest. Creating an environment that feels wonderful and supports your life intentions is the essence of Feng Shui.

Class size limited.
Above course recommended as prerequisite


"I recommend this class to anyone seeking harmony with themselves
or their environment."


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